G'day! Hello! Bonjour!
I’m Tiffany, a Seattle-based graphic designer, illustrator and production artist hailing from Australia and Canada. 
With over a decade in the design industry, I've honed my skills in production and graphic design. My passion drives me to create a wide range of projects—from marketing collateral, digital assets, and email campaigns to signage, textiles, and custom t-shirts.
In essence, I'm more than just a graphic designer; I'm a creative force driven by insatiable curiosity and a commitment to excellence. Let's collaborate and bring innovation and imagination to life.​​​
Areas of Expertise
Photo Editing • Illustration
Brand Design • Production Design
Photo Editing • Digital Marketing
Digital Asset Management
Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign • Premiere Pro​​​​​​​
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